Stainless Steel Bump Rail

150.00 ex. VAT

A 250mm high low-level stainless steel Bump Rail is deal for protecting fully glazed corridor walls. Can be floor mounted with hidden fixing detail producing clean lines with no dirt traps. Low-level stainless steel Bump Rail acts as a buffer for heavy wheeled items, offering impact protection on production corridors. Ideal for protecting clean room walls from wheeled production equipment. Suitable for Pharma and Medtec sectors.

150.00 ex. VAT

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Hidden Detail Fixing Type A

Fixing is via a Nylon fixing block

Nylon fixed in position using a chemical anchor fixing

Bump Rail is press fitted over nylon fixing block

Hidden Detail Fixing Type B

Three fixings per 5mm baseplate.

Cover plate sits over fixings & provides a clean finish.

Selected fixings should suit on-site conditions.

Additional Options

Available in SS316 and other Diameters on requested.




Stainless Steel Bump Rail

304 Grade Stainless Steel

Rail diameter 50.80mm with a 2mm wall thickness

Brushed Finish 180-220 grit

No Dirt traps


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