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Manufacturing Facilities


Advantage Engineering Limited (AEL) operates from its base at Airport Business Park, Waterford.

AEL specialise in the design & manufacture of premier quality stainless steel fabrications. As per best practice, AEL have a dedicated 10,000 sq. ft. workshop for stainless steel fabrications and a separate 2,500 sq. ft. workshop for mild steel fabrication.

Value Added Services


AEL use a Trumpf TC500 punch machine to process raw materials into blanks for folding or other secondary operations.

AEL can punch up to 4mm in stainless steel & up to 6mm in mild steel.

Max Sheet Length = 3000mm & Max Sheet Width = 1500mm

Folding, Forming & Rolling

Next most parts are formed into shape using either a folding, forming or rolling process depending on the shape and end use of the component or fabrication.

AEL use a Durma PressBrakes for all folding & forming operations.

Durma ADS 30175 CNC PressBrake Max Length = 3000mm & Max Tonnage = 170 tonnes

Welding & Fabrication

Certified welders carry out all stainless steel welding, welding procedures in place for both TIG & MIG welding. CE certs for all welded fabrications available upon request (EN1090). AEL have 6 welding bays for stainless steel welding and a large assemble area for structural fabrications such as mezzanine floors.


AEL can offer a wide range of finishes to meet our clients’ requirements such as:

  • Polishing/Deburring
  • Wet Paint
  • Powder Paint
  • Galvanising
  • Plating

Packing & Delivery

AEL can offer delivery service to suit our clients’ requirements.

All products manufactured at out facilities are in our factory production control system FPC

with costumised stainless steel furniture